How to Build a Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes can be a massive problem for many people and really you don’t want them hanging around your home like a bad smell. Though there is the big question as to how you can get rid of them safely and without taking up too much time either; the best way that anyone can think about doing has to be building a good mosquito trap.
You will need the following;
1. Stove
2. Pot
3. Water
4. Knife
5. Black Construction Paper
6. Tape
7. A Two Liter Bottle

8. Four Tablespoons of Brown Sugar and One Pinch Of Yeast Also

Take your two liter bottle and your knife and go ahead and cut away the top part of your bottle; try to make sure that you cut at the curve and that way you should have top different pieces of plastic. One cylinder will have the liquid in it and the other part will become the top of the bottle; take your cup and fill with water and another cup with brown sugar.

Take all of your ingredients and mix it all together so that after you heat everything on your stove that you get your mixture. Remember the yeast will have to be added last to the mixture after the sugar has dissolved and the water heated.

Ferment the sugar now with your yeast so that you have a carbon dioxide forming so that the mosquitoes get struck on your trap.

You will have to now go ahead and construct the trap which will mean you need to take your bottle and turn that upside down and sit it on the bottle. The mixture of water, sugar and yeast will need to be added to the bottle and the top half should be attached to the bottom part but try to make sure that the mixture is not touching the top of the bottle. You will need the lack construction paper and cover the entire outside of the trap, if you need to cut this paper down to fit then do so to ensure a tight fit.

The final thing that you will have to do will be to set your trap, you required to find a good place to put this so remember that a good place that is going to be cool also and place the trap in that area. However you really do need to make sure that you pick an area which is cool but also in the shade so that the trap will be effective. You can leave the trap and go and check on it a few times every two or so weeks and if you need to empty it then go ahead and do so but if you don’t then you might find that the mosquito trap is not in the right location. Remember to keep this trap very clean.