3 First Date Tips for Those Who Hate First Dates

One of the biggest challenges in dating that is it can be a waste of time. Let’s face it – you’re busy with your career, family and living your life. So why would you want to waste your time on someone who may not be there on the next date?

Here are three tips for those who hate first dates without all the disappointments.

Do things you still want to do

Most people often shy away from dating because it involves doing certain things or meeting at some locations you don’t usually enjoy going to. If someone texts you asking if you would like to meet up at the https://www.truckersnearby.com bar, why not inspire him to think of something you both might enjoy! Send a simple response and say “hey, I heard about this great dinner I’ve wanted to try out. Maybe we can grab a drink after.” This will create a welcoming win-win situation that makes it all the more exciting.

Don’t go on a date but considering if there’s chemistry

With the growth of online dating apps on the rise, the opportunity to meet new people has increased dramatically. However, meeting someone online can leave you with someone you may not even want to spend five minutes with, purely because you both cannot find someone to talk. It’s better to find someone who shares the same interests with you and know what their interests are..

Keep first dates short and friendly

Aim to keep the first date short and pleasant. This will provide a low-pressure setting. Try having a quick coffee or snack or grabbing a bite before you meet with friends. You will still experience their conversations without the pressure of staying for more than an hour.

Once you learn to follow these tips, you will save yourself some time, struggle and may end up enjoying their company to make it worth-while.

Got any first date experiences you want to share with us? Comment below and let us know!