About Us

Dustin M. Hawkins is a relationship expert and dating coach for many looking for love. He’s helped over thousands of single men and women find love as he stays well-involved in the dating industry.

What He Does

As a relationship coach, Dustin brings a variety of life experiences to the table, including a strong background in relationships, life-coaching, and the laws of attraction between sexes.

What He’s Accomplished

Dustin works with clients through Skype, email, or personal training as he provides workshops, seminars, and speaks at nearly hundreds of Singles events. He has also worked with some of the US top leading dating agencies and online dating sites.

How He Can Help You

With countless of success stories and relationships, he is currently in the process of writing a new book on how to build relationships, starting from the first date. Dustin will show you how to use your genuine personality to attract the right person, rather than through artificial dating rules and manipulation.

Find out how to master the secrets of dating, build confidence, body language, flirting skills, and attraction. Through his workshops, articles, and radio podcasts, you will find the essential techniques to find the love you truly want in life.